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Service   Erosion Control
Kianco Marine Construction Services

Erosion Control; The greatest problems plaguing waterfront property is erosion. Bank erosion is the gradual wearing away of shorelines which can result in the following:

* Property Loss * True and ground cover loss * Stained water * Structural failure

The solution is riprap (graded stone) erosion control. The advantages of applying riprap from a barge to your waterfront are:

  • No heavy trucks must enter your property or cross driveways or septic fields. Therefore, there is no possible damage to your sidewalks, landscaping, or sprinkler systems. Your property is untouched.

  • Riprap is off-loaded from the lake to shore rather than dumping rock over the bank edge from the land with the loss of a large percentage of material which rolls beyond its intended placement.

  • Transfer of debris and spoil matter from your property. We can also haul for contractors.

  • The ability to contour and shape the shoreline from the barge is essential to a sound riprap structure. This involves shaping of cantilevered over-hanging banks to form a suitable slope for riprap.

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